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A Non-Profit Organization   PO Box 47  Zimmerman, MN 55398 
(763) 856-3119
"Whenever an animal is somehow forced into the service of men, every one of us must be concerned for any suffering it bears on that account. No one of us may permit any preventable pain to be inflicted, even though the responsibility for that pain is not ours. No one may appease his conscience by thinking that he would be interfering in something that does not concern him. No one may shut his eyes and think the pain, which is therefore not visible to him, is non-existent."
-- Albert Schweitzer --
1) To rescue horses and other hooved animals in distress, treating each animal with compassion and respect while acting in the animal's best interest; and

2) To educate the public on the welfare of hooved animals.

Become a Member or a Sponsor now!

Fastest way to reach us: info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org

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Annual MHARF Spring Rummage & Tack Sale!
May 6th - May 8th

MHARF Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter

The 2016Winter/Spring newsletter is now available for your viewing pleasure. Please click here to download the PDF and enjoy reading about:

  • How MHARF will be participating in Help a Horse Day
  • MHARF Alum Skip to My Lulu Inducted ito USEF/EQUUS Foundation Horse Stars Hall of Fame
  • The benefits of getting a young horse dental care
  • Our recent intakes
  • Updates on the 2016 Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse
  • And much more!

New Website Design Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce we will be debuting our NEW WEBSITE DESIGN at the end of April! We are working to make this transition as seamless as possible but there may be delays in website updates during this time of transition.

Any questions about upcoming events or current horse availability during this time can be directed to info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org.

2016 Trainers' Challenge
Trainer and Horses Teams

Here is the list of 2016 MHARF Trainers' Challenge Trainer and Horse teams.

Please Note: Because we are currently transitioning to a new website, trainer bios and links to the trainer Facebook pages won't be available until the new website launches at the end of April.

Ashlyn Rechtiene with Blackfoot
Truhaven Ranch with Breanna
Alyssa Bates and Kayla Michael with Dudley
Kyle Swift with Falina
Marirose Berner with Hope
Lindsey Zimmerman with Lynk
Lauren Novak with Marigold
The Wrisky Ranch Team with Newton
Amanda Schulz with Nikita
Andrea Keacher with Patriot
Aubreanne Dockter with Poco
Tiahna Flemming with Ranger
Julie Brady with Rienzi
Morgan Sexe with Rosebud
Derek Kohlhase with Sally Forth
Chris Walz with Skittles
Sasha Kohlhase with Triska
Jamie Moeller with Wiki
Kora Jerontoski with Zeus

You can currently access all of the trainer pages through the links on each horse bio on our Horses Page

2016 Trainers' Challenge Sponsors

MHARF is seeking sponsors for the 2016 Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse!

We have many levels of sponsorship available for both corporate and individual sponsors.

Please email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org for complete information on sponsorship levels and what advertising sponsors receive in return.

All donations are tax deductible!

Click here to watch this video to see what the Challenge is all about!

MHARF Welcomes Horses from ASPCA Seizure

BreannaMHARF is very pleased to be welcoming Patriot, Breanna, and Sally Forth to Minnesota!

These three horses were part of an extremely large seizure by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) from a unlicensed shelter/hoarding situation in North Carolina.

PatriotPatriot, foaled in 2011, is a 17hh warmblood (Westfalen breeding is the info we have been given) gelding. Patriot was a stud at intake.

Breanna, who was also foaled in approximately 2011, is a 16hh bay mare. We believe she is also a Westfalen or a Westfalen cross. She is a little finer-boned than the other two.

Sally ForthSally Forth, foaled in 2011, is a 15.2hh bay mare who is also most likely a Westfalen or a Westfalen cross.

The ASPCA often reaches out to other equine organizations to help place horses after seizure in large humane cases and MHARF is very happy to be able to help in this case!

For more on the original ASPCA case click here to see the Press Release.


Trainers Wanted for
Two Summer Training Challenges

There's still time to apply to train for TWO training challenges at Truhaven Ranch this summer!

The Diamond in the Rough Challenge for ponies, minis, pony mules, and horses too young for under-saddle work is a great opportunity for younger trainers or those who don't feel they are ready for the larger MHARF Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse! It's also great for driving trainers!

The 60 Day Trail Challenge gives trainers the opportunity to take adoptable horses from MHARF and Truhaven that are already started under saddle, work with them for 60 days, and then compete on Truhaven's outstanding trail course!

For more information please see www.truhavenranch.org.

Foster Homes Needed for
Healthy Horses & Ponies!

MHARF is in desperate need of qualified foster homes for healthy horses and ponies. Please click here to read our fostering guidelines (in Adobe PDF format).

Due to an increase in humane cases this time of year we have a number of horses in great need waiting to come in. We need to find placement, temporary or permanent, for several of the healthy horses we now have.

Some are slated for the 2016 Trainer's Challenge and only need foster care until April. We need to make room at our main facilities for several thin and ill horses that need to come in ASAP.

Fostering or adopting one of the healthy, sound horses we have available helps save the life of another horse in need!

If you can help please email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org for more information. Thank you!

Hubbard County Humane Case
December 2015

Our most recent humane case was a case of neglect and abandonment that took place in Hubbard County at the end of December 2015.

This case consisted of 6 mares, a young stallion, and 2 orphaned foals. We know that at least one nursing mare died on the property before these horses came into our custody. Two of the surviving mares are pregnant. The two orphaned foals and a blind mare were placed in appropriate local adoptive homes upon seizure. One of the pregnant mares has also been placed in an adoptive home with foaling facilities.

All of the horses are being treated for lice infestation and intestinal parasites. and all suffered from varying degrees of malnourishment and neglect.

For more detail and additional photos please click here.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to MHARF to assist in providing the proper care these horses need to ensure the best start to their new life! To donate, please click the links to the left or click here to donate through Network for Good. Thank you!

MHARF 2016 Calendars
Sold Out - Thank YOU!

We are happy to announce that our MHARF 2016 calendars are SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone who purchased them! Because of this success we will definitely be doing a 2017 calendar. We invite anyone who has photos of past or current MHARF equines to submit them for consideration!

Please include photographer's name and make sure we will have permission to use the photo. Thank you!l


We want to thank all of our supporters for their wonderful generosity throughout 2015! We honestly could not do this without your help.

We are working hard to get donation receipts out in a timely manner to those who have sent checks by mail, and also confirmation notices to those who have made donations online. For anyone who made a donation online and was not able to print out a receipt for their records, please email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org and we will be happy to email one to you!

Once again, thank you so much for your very kind support! You can see many examples of the work your donations support by clicking here: MHARF Before and After Photo Album(These photos represent just a small fraction of the horses that have come through our program in the past several years!)

Best wishes for 2016 from everyone here at MHARF!

Meet Nash & Coco - They can use your help!

Nashville and Coco are MHARF's newest intakes. They came to us at the end of November from a Crow Wing County humane case.

NashNash is a 2 year old buckskin quarter horse stud colt with an undescended testicle (which will require additional surgery at gelding time if it does not drop as he gains weight). He is not currently registered but should be registerable once we have more info.

Coco is a 3 year old registered bay quarter horse gelding (JW Penny's Littlecoco). He has an impacted molar and will require extensive dental work once he is stable enough for sedation.

CocoBoth horses are very thin and have severe lice and intestinal parasite infestations (for which they are being carefully treated). However, both are friendly,very easy to handle, and have promising futures ahead of them!

When you donate to the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, your donations go to support horses like Nash and Coco. Our first goal is always rehabilitation--a process in which we enlist veterinarians to give the horses a full medical workup. Every horse is Coggins tested. We check for parasites and treat accordingly. Horses receive their vaccinations according to veterinary recommendations. Dental exams are given and dental work completed according to veterinary recommendations. Any mare that comes in having potentially been exposed to a stallion is pregnancy checked. All studs are gelded as soon as their health and condition permits. All horses are also provided with proper farrier care as soon as their condition permits.

As you can imagine, with all of this care -- intake costs for each horse can get pretty high! That is why donations from supporters like you are so important to us!

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to MHARF so we can continue to help horses like Nash and Coco get the proper care they need to ensure the best start to their new life! To donate, please click the links to the left or click here to donate through Network for Good. Thank you!

WSCA Game Show on 11/07/15 to benefit MHARF
Raised $1,975.00

Show coordinators: Nicole Rodenborg, Beth Wilson, Tiffany Peacock
Hi Circle Vee Ranch: Bill Villella, Sharon Justin
WSCA judge: Steve Bobzin
Photography: Monty Twingstrom
Volunteers: Brandee Bobzin, Tony Oquist, Amanda Oquist, Liz Lidberg, Alycia Simons, Elizabeth Vander Berg, Laura Coons and daughters, Sue Vogen, Candi Olson

Give to the Max Day!

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated on Give to the Max Day! Thanks to your support we were able to raise $5,045 to help our animals in need.

If you were unable to donate on November 12th - you are still able to donate anytime during the year by using the links to the left to donate through PayPal and Network for Good. Your donations are tax deductible.

Founded in 1994, MHARF is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, training, and re-homing of equines in need. All of our animals receive all necessary veterinarian and farrier care at intake and throughout the duration of their stay with us. We primarily work with law-enforcement in humane cases by taking in seized animals, as well as provide a safe holding facility and veterinary care for animals involved in ongoing humane cases. MHARF is also called on by law enforcement in abandonment and estray animal cases, often to pick up animals running loose along roadsides.

Give to the Max DayThis is by no means limited to equines: sometimes we are called in to catch and contain cattle, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and poultry. When space permits, we take in surrendered or donated equines and other animals from people who can no longer care for them for various reasons.

MHARF is not a retirement facility or a sanctuary; our goal is to rehabilitate and find qualified homes so that we can make space for new intakes. Every animal that comes through our program has a "safety net". It is in our adoption contract that if an adopter cannot keep an animal for any reason, it must be returned to MHARF. In this way we ensure these animals never again end up in situations from which they need rescuing.

We work with a network of trainers to assess horses and to give them the training they need so that they never again become unwanted. We also work with a network of foster homes to prevent facility overcrowding. Throughout the year, MHARF participates in many events state-wide to further our mission to educate the public about humane laws pertaining to equine welfare, responsible breeding practices, the necessity of proper training, and the importance of making humane end-of-life decisions for animals. We receive calls and emails from individuals and organizations across the country because we are recognized for our expertise and experience in the field of equine rescue.

On a daily basis we field an average of 50-80 calls and emails about adopting, fostering, reporting possible humane cases, placing animals in need, how to best care for animals in certain situations or with certain issues, requests to recommend veterinarians, farriers, trainers, and boarding facilities, and many other topics. We do our best to answer all calls and emails within 48 hours.

MHARF does not receive any government assistance and depends on donations and fundraisers (like our annual Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse) to keep this important work going.

2015 Trainers' Challenge Results & Photos!

To view the Trainers' Challenge photo album, please click here!

Grand Champion
(sponsor: Blattner Energy)
Dozer w/ Sid Zacharias
Reserve Champion
(sponsor: Hay Chix)
Nike w/ Jamie Moeller & Morgan Sexe
Third Overall Highpoint
(sponsor: individual donors)
Bug w/ Maddie Kanda
Fourth Overall Highpoint Esme w/ Lindsey Zimmerman
Fifth Overall Highpoint Scout w/ Alexa Siedow & Rochelle Sandberg
Sixth Overall Highpoint Blackberry w/ Truhaven Ranch Team
(Melissa Norton, Candy Phillips, Sara Smith)

Individual Class Placings for 2015 Trainers' Challenge:

HALTER CLASS (sponsored by Mike and Marca Brubaker): 1st Place Dozer and Sid Zacharias; 2nd Place Blackberry and Truhaven Ranch Team; 3rd Place Nike with Jaimie Moeller and Morgan Sexe; 4th Place Misfit with Truhaven Ranch team; 5th Place Esme and Lindsey Zimmerman, 6th Place Jagger and Jamie Moeller

PLEASURE CLASS (sponsored by Animal Humane Society): 1st place Dozer and Sid Zacharias; 2nd Place Olivia and Emily Deiss, 3rd place Jagger and Jamie Moeller, 4th Place Nike w/ Jamie Moeller and Morgan Sexe, 5th Place Scout with Alexa Seidow and Rochelle Sandberg , 6th Place Houston and Amanda Schultz.

OBSTACLE/TRAIL CLASS (Sponsored by an anonymous donation in honor of Derek and Sasha Kohlhase): 1st Place Scout with Alexa Siedow and Rochelle Sandberg; 2nd Place Blackberry with Truhaven Ranch Team, 3rd Place Esme and Lindsey Zimmerman, 4th Place Dozer and Sid Zacharias, 5th Place Bug and Maddie Kanda, 6th Place Nike with Jamie Moeller and Morgan Sexe.

FREESTYLE CLASS (Sponsored by Horse Crazy Market): First Place Esme with Lindsey Zimmerman, 2nd Place Dozer and Sid Zacharias, 3rd Place Bug and Maddie Kanda, 4th Place Scout with Alexa Siedow and Rochelle Sandberg, 5th Place Nike eith Jamie Moeller and Morgan Sexe, 6th Place Jagger and Jamie Moeller.

VET/FARRIER CLASS: 1st Place Nike with Jamie Moeller and Morgan Sexe, 2nd Place Dozer with Sid Zacharias, 3rd Place Bug and Maddie Kanda, 4th Place Jagger with Jamie Moeller, 5th Place Misfit with the Truhaven Ranch Team, 6th Place Blackberry with the Truhaven Ranch Team.

MITCHELL CARSON MEMORIAL AWARD for Good Sportsmanship/Good Horsemanship WINNERS: Sasha and Derek Kohlhase with Ming

People's Choice: Bug and Maddie Kanda

Best Blog: Lindsey Zimmerman w/ Esme

Best Groomed: Nike w/ Jamie Moeller and Morgan Sexe.

Horses adopted at the event:
Nike ($2,600.00), Esme ($2,600.00); Dozer ($2,100.00); Scout ($1,800.00); Blackberry ($1,100.00); Bug ($1,000.00); Spirit ($1,000.00); Ming ($850.00); Olivia ($850.00)

To view the Trainers' Challenge photo album, please click here!

Thank You 2015 Trainers' Challenge
Attendees, Trainers, & Sponsors!

MHARF would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended this year's event, the trainers who took the time to work with these amazing animals, and of course the sponsors of the 2015 Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse!

Our sponsors this year were:

Grand Champion Sponsor - Blattner Energy

Reserve Champion Sponsor - The Hay Chix

Mitchell Carson Memorial Award for Good Horsemanship/Sportsmanship Sponsor - Cathy Deal

Class Sponsors - Animal Humane Society, Horse Crazy Market, Mike & Marca Brubaker, The MN Farriers Association,and an anonymous donor in honor of trainers Derek and Sasha Kohlhase

Additional Sponsors - Mary Elizabeth Photography as the official photographer, St. Croix Saddlery, The Valley Equestrian Newspaper, and Triple Crown Nutrition

Sponsorship opportunities, both corporate and individual, are still available! Please contact us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org for more information.

MHARF Summer/Fall 2015 Newsletter

The MHARF Summer/Fall 2015 newsletter is out! Click here to download a PDF copy now!

If you also receive the newsletter by mail and would prefer to access it online, please email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org. Thank you!

2015 Trainers Challenge T-Shirts

New MHARF Trainers' Challenge t-shirts are now available! These are short sleeve 50/50 shirts made by Gildan. Available in navy blue or heather gray.

The MHARF logo is on the front left chest and the Trainers' Challenge design is on the back. Click the images below to see a larger image.

Back & Front (behind)
Back of T-Shirt

Sizes small through XXL. $15.00 S-XL, $17.00 for XXL. We can accept payment through PayPal and will ship for the cost of $4.00 for first shirt, $2.00 for each additional shirt.

Please contact us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org to order.

The shirts will also be available for sale at the Trainers' Challenge on September 19th!

Addressing the Core Issue behind
Number of Unwanted Horses in the U.S.

Recently MHARF has been getting many inquiries about the prevalence of feedlots offering horses for sale to the public before shipping them to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. This is not a new thing; it has been going on around the country for several years. Many people have been questioning the ethics behind this sales practice. What has surprised us, however, is the number of people who were unaware that U.S. horses are still being slaughtered for human consumption. Since the last U.S. equine slaughter plants were closed in 2007, many people have been under the impression that the slaughter of U.S. horses for human consumption had ceased. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Approximately 150,000 horses per year are still shipped across our borders to plants in Canada and Mexico where they are slaughtered for human consumption and exported to countries like Japan, France, Belgium and Italy.

As heart breaking as this statistic is, the selling of these horses out of "kill pens" to the public does nothing to address the core issue behind the enormous problem of the number of unwanted horses in this country. In fact, it only serves to perpetuate the problem. USDA statistics have reported that over 92% of horses that end up being shipped for slaughter are in "good" condition. It's a misconception that the majority of horses being shipped to slaughter are old or crippled. In fact, a high percentage of the horses shipped to slaughter have been culled from breeding stock or are unsold animals from "production" sales. Many people are astonished to see the number of younger, healthy, registered or registerable horses that end up in kill pens. This is understandably something that pulls at people's heartstrings. However, even though buying a horse out of a kill pen may save that one particular horse, it also gives breeders an incentive to keep completely overbreeding their stock. The practice of buying horses out of kill pens creates a built-in market for excess breeding stock and irresponsible breeding practices. In a way that is not much different from buying a puppy from a puppy mill breeder, it perpetuates an industry. As long as there is an outlet for irresponsible breeders to dispose of their excess unwanted stock, they will continue to produce many more horses than the legitimate equine sport/show/pleasure industry can support.

The only way to ensure that U.S. horses will not be shipped across our borders for slaughter for human consumption is for Congress to pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act which will make this practice illegal. However, as much as we would like to see this enacted, this also does not address the issue of the unwanted horse. There will still be those tens of thousands of unwanted horses. The main thing equine advocates need to do is to address the issue of equine overpopulation in this country. We need above all to promote responsible horse ownership, responsible breeding practices, and stop giving breeders an easy outlet for disposing of their unwanted stock. The public also needs to keep supporting their local legitimate non-profit equine rescue organizations by adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating so that these organizations have the room, resources, and time to take in more of the unwanted horses in extreme need, give them the proper veterinary and farrier care, and the proper training, so that they may be placed in permanent homes. Please view the following links for more information:

H.R.1942 - Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2015

A Timeline of Horse Slaughter Legislation in the United States

Horse Slaughter Facts and FAQs

Horsemeat Poses Serious Risks to Human Health

Equine Slaughter Information from the ASPCA

Our Challenge Trainers Make the News

As we approach the day of the Challenge, some of our trainers have made headlines of their own in local papers. Click below to read wonderful articles about our Trainers' Challenge competitors and their equine students!

Isanti County News article on Sasha and Derek Kohlhase with Ming

Woodbury Bulletin article about Maddie Kanda and Bug

2015 Trainers Challenge
Horse & Trainer Info

Please CLICK HERE to go directly to the information on the horses and their trainers, including trainer contact information and Facebook links for the 2015 Trainer's Challenge.

For other information about the Challenge please click the image at the top of this page, and please remember to prequalify to bid on one of these amazing animals!

MHARF Posters - Order yours now!

MHARF posters are now available! These beautiful posters are on heavy stock - click the images to see a larger image!

On the Back of My Horse In Their Eyes The Horse
On the Back of My Horse In Their Eyes The Horse

There are three designs: "In Their Eyes" (pinto foal in color); "The Horse" (draft horses in blk/wht); "On the Back of My Horse" (dressage horse in color). All are approximately 11.25" x 14.25". Designed for MHARF by Victor Medina Photography.

Posters are $5.00 each or the set of all 3 designs for $12.00. Shipping is $2.00 for 1 poster, $3.00 for 2-6 posters (for larger orders please contact us for a shipping quote). We can accept payment by check or through PayPal.

Please email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org to order!

MHARF Winter/Spring 2015 Newsletter

The 2015 Winter/Spring newsletter is now available for your viewing pleasure. Please click here to download the PDF and enjoy reading about:

  • How Fiona helped a donor celebrate her birthday
  • The importance of keeping your equine partners hydrated during the Winter
  • Our recent intakes
  • Our upcoming annual rummage and tack sale in May 2015
  • And much more!

Skip to My LuLu's Incredible Journey

Please click here to read a wonderful article by our good friend Aimee on MHARF alum mini mare, Skip to My LuLu. What a journey they have had together!

Edgar's Story

Edgar is a 6 month old colt (Saddlebred or Saddlebred cross) who came to us on 10/21/2014. He had been injured somehow--we were told his head had been caught in a fence. He has damaged nerves in his face as a result of trauma --apparently he was injured back in July.

He had been slowly starving since then as he was unable to nurse and was not being cared for. Edgar's nerves are healing. He had no menace reflex in his left eye when he was picked up, now he blinks normally. Edgar's left eye looks funny/different because he has white sclera on that eye and not on the other, this is common in pintos. His bottom lip is droopy due to the nerve damage--the nerves on the right side work and the muscles pull the loose or damaged left side over--this causes his lip to flop open. We are optimistic that this is a temporary problem and have seen improvement already, but it will take time and diligent care to help him continue to heal and gain weight.

Edgar was also loaded with parasites at intake with an epg count of 2200. He spent 2 weeks at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, requiring iv fluids and very careful parasite control tx. After release he went into foster care at a heated facility and is now doing quite well. He is a lively, curious and very friendly colt. We cannot post any specific details on his intake case at this time.

To follow Edgar's progress on FaceBook, please click here.

MHARF Named #9 in
GuideStar's 2014 Philanthropedia Survey

The Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation has been named #9 in GuideStar's 2014 Philanthropedia Survey of the Highest Impact Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organizations in Minnesota. This list includes small animal, large animal, exotic animal, and wildlife organizations!

Thank you for helping us make this large of an impact on animal welfare in the state of Minnesota!

Donations to assist us in keeping this important work going are always welcome--especially coming into winter!

You can donate in any of several ways:
Give to the Max Day - click here
Paypal - click here
Network for Good - click here

Diamond in the Rough Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the Diamond in the Rough Challenge at Truhaven Ranch.

To view the results please click here.

MHARF Summer 2014 Newsletter

The summer newsletter is now available for your viewing pleasure. Please click here to download the PDF and enjoy reading about:

  • Trainer and Students gearing up for 2014 Trainer's Challenge
  • The healthy foals born to ponies from the Wadena County case
  • Roswell the Painting Horse donating proceeds to help rescued equines
  • MHARF horses and ponies competing in the first "Diamonds in the Rough" Competition

Dolly Named Grand Champion Horse in Training
2014 Sherburne County Fair!

Summit Dazzling Dolly has been doing her part to show people how valuable rescued equines can be!

Dolly (along with her foster provider, Aimee) was named Grand Champion Horse in Training at the 2014 Sherburne County Fair!

Dolly is a 2007 33" AMHA/AMHR mare who is available for adoption!

To learn more about Dolly, please visit her FaceBook page by clicking here!

For more info please email us info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org


Mother's Day Baby - Sochi & Ivan

Sochi, one of the 3 pregnant pony mares from the February 2014 Wadena County humane case, had a Mother's Day baby!

Ivan, Sochi's foal, is a beautiful, healthy colt. However, the foaling was not without complications. Sochi had what is known as a "Red Bag"--meaning the outer placental membrane failed to rupture during labor. Luckily, the folks at Sochi's temporary foster home and the staff from Siete Leguas Equine Veterinary Services were keeping a close eye on her and were able to step in and correct the problem by opening the membrane before the foal suffered any damage from lack of oxygen.

Had Sochi not been under supervision, her foal would not have survived. This is why we feel it is so crucial to check any incoming mares for pregnancy before making them available for adoption. We also do not adopt out pregnant mares. We are very fortunate to have foster homes with foaling facilities that are willing to take in mares for foaling! We understand that not everyone can have special foaling stalls with cameras and 24/7 surveillance. However, anyone who has a mare expecting a foal CAN learn as much as possible about foaling so they know the signs that a mare is getting close. That way they can keep an eye on her and when the time comes they can be there to step in or call the vet in case of trouble.

Ivan is now a very happy, friendly colt who is quite athletic. He is learning about haltering, leading, picking up his feet, and all of the other things a colt needs to know to be a good citizen. Even though his mother is a POA standing only 12.3 hands, we believe he may mature around 14 hands or taller because of his current size (we don't know who Ivan's sire is because his mother was an intake from a humane case). This extremely handsome and well-built colt will be available for adoption after he is weaned and gelded. Sochi will also be available for adoption after weaning and after she has surgery to remove her damaged eye.


Roswell "the Painting Horse"

Roswell "the painting horse" and his owner Jen have been donating half of his profits to MHARF since early 2013.

Roswell is an off-the-track thoroughbred (he didn't quite cut it as a racehorse, or a jumper, or a dressage horse.... Jen says a trainer once described him as "put together with spare parts"). When his career under saddle was sidelined due to a knee injury, Jen needed to find something else to keep this very intelligent gelding busy. She had the idea to introduce him to painting and as it turns out--he's a pro!

Now Ros uses his passion to help other horses! Roswell's painting and other merchandise featuring his designs can be found on eBay, etsy, and Cafe Press. Roswell also has his own facebook page. You can also watch Roswell on YouTube by clicking here.

Watch for the MHARF summer newsletter in which we will have the full story on Roswell Originals!

Update - Helen & Wait

Remember Helen and Wait? Helen came in last fall so thin and with such long hooves she could barely walk. Her tiny, malnourished baby was at her side. We are happy to announce they are doing very well and are now available for adoption! Helen has required quite a bit of careful farrier care to regain soundness and she will definitely require careful and regular care in the future. However, she is so sweet and has been through so much--we are sure there is someone out there who would love to pamper her! Wait is a healthy and curious boy who has now been weaned and gelded.

We would like to say THANK YOU to the sponsors who helped with Helen and Wait's care throughout the winter and spring!

At Intake Now
Helen (Updated) Wait (Updated)

CSDEA Article Regarding MHARF Horse

The Central States Dressage & Eventing Association (CSDEA) included a wonderful article by Jennifer Selvig about an amazing horse, Fred (fka Chief Concerto) and his human partner, Lisa, in their recent newsletter. Fred came to MHARF as a 2-year-old stud colt after they were nearly starved to death at their race trainer's farm in the winter of 2004. At that time Fred was 748 pounds and 16 hands.

Fast forward several years and Fred is now a well muscled 1,240 pounds, is confident and loves his job in eventing. He has collected many accolades at preliminary horse trial, one-star events, and intermediate horse trials. He is pointed toward several two-star events and maybe an advanced horse trial.

Please click here to read the full article by Jennifer Selvig entitled Ready Freddie! Three-Peat Silks Champ has a Cinderella Story to Tell

Then...At Intake
Now... Happy at Work

MHARF Winter/Spring 2014 Newsletter

In the event you don't receive one in the mail, or want to read it sooner, please click here to view our Winter/Spring Newsletter.

MHARF February 2014 Humane Case
Wadena County

MHARF's latest humane case (February 2014) in Wadena County, MN, involved 3 pregnant pony mares, a nine month old filly, and a 6 month old colt, as well as 3 more ponies found dead on the property (one we believe is the mother of the orphaned colt). These ponies have been living all winter in an open area with basically no shelter (unless you count the 3 ft. high plastic sheet that was rigged up in the middle of the pasture). There was no house or barn on the property--so no water all winter, and apparently no hay or feed of any kind for at least the past week.

We would like to thank Investigator Hanson from the Animal Humane Society and also the Wadena County Sheriff's Dept. for assisting us in this case and we urge Wadena County to bring prosecution in this case. We would also like to thank Siete Leguas Equine Veterinary Services for their care of the ponies upon intake. They are all now enjoying nice warm stalls with plenty of hay and water.

If you'd like to donate to help us cover costs for these ponies please see links to PayPal and Network for Good on the left hand side of this page, or you can send a check to MHARF, PO Box 47, Zimmerman, MN,55398. All donations are tax deductible!

And, as always, we are in need of qualified foster homes. These particular ponies will need to stay at our regular facilities for the time being but in order to make room for them we need to place some of our healthy horses and ponies. There are several who only need a place to go until the Trainer's Challenge begins this spring. You can find our foster and adoption guidelines, as well as the list of available horses, here on our website. Thank you!

Again, if you'd like to donate to help us cover costs for these ponies please see links to PayPal and Network for Good on the left hand side of this page, or you can send a check to MHARF, PO Box 47, Zimmerman, MN,55398. All donations are tax deductible!

Casual for a Cause + Horse Lover = Generous Donation for MHARF!

Cora, age 5, loves horses - as you can see from the photo of her and her best friend Oreo. She discovered MHARF and immediately started saving money to donate. Cora even asked for donations instead of presents for her 4th birthday and also attempted an art sale.

Then, Cora really got excited when she heard her dad talking about "Casual for a Cause," a fund-raiser at his work. Every quarter, employees take turns choosing a charity. Individuals that choose to participate pay $25 and are allowed to have casual Fridays for the quarter. When her dad announced that it was his turn to choose the charity, she declared that it needed to be MHARF.

So, Cora's dad obediently turned in his selection, on the condition that Cora needed to make a video appeal to his coworkers. Cora's effort raised $1,500!!

Cora was able to go down and visit with Drew and the horses at the Rescue to present the money (even though she was a little too shy to talk to Drew, and had her mom hand over the envelope).

All the horses, donkeys, chickens, and other animals currently awaiting their forever homes at MHARF send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Cora, her family, and her dad's very generous co-workers!

MHARF In the News

Due to the recent Anoka County Humane Case, MHARF has been in the news quite frequently. Below are links to some of the news stories, both in the local papers and on local TV stations. We thank them for covering this case and making the plight of these horses common knowledge

StarTribune article January 13, 2012 - For starving horses, rescuer offers last gasp of hope.

KARE 11 TV January 12, 2012 - East Bethel rancher charged with 35 counts of animal mistreatment.

KSTP TV January 12, 2012 - East Bethel horse owner charged with animal cruelty.

Pioneer Press article January 10, 2012 - East Bethel: Breeder can't have horses back, judge rules.

For more information about adopting, fostering, sponsoring, or MHARF in general, please contact the rescue at 763-856-3119, email us at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org, or visit us on FaceBook at Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation.

Dental Work Important?
Patty says "Definitely" - but you be the judge...

These photos were taken in the mouth of Patty - a teenaged Percheron/Saddlebred cross mare from the recent Anoka County Humane Case. As you can see from the below photos (click on each of them to see a larger image) she had severe dental issues and was in extreme pain. She is MUCH more comfortable now, and her eating style has changed dramatically after her dental work. She still has some work to be done, but the sharpness is gone and the "fangs" are dramatically reduced so she can eat without discomfort. She is now a much happier horse! Check out the rehab section of the Horses Page and see how lovely this mare is.

Both "fangs" Left side
Patty's Molars showing both sides Patty's Left side first Molar
Tongue Lower left damage
Damage to Tongue from "fang" Damage to lower gingiva left side

Anoka County Humane Case

IrisSeveral horses were seized in an Anoka County Humane Case at NV Arabian Horse Ranch having been evaluated with body scores of 1 and 2 on the Henneke scale. The horses were released to MHARF this weekend after spending time at the U of MN for evaluation and care.

The Pioneer Press printed a very heartwarming article about Lizzy, an 18-year-old Arabian mare taken in this case, and the family that is doing what they can to help her. You can find the article by clicking here.

Iris, shown here in a recent photo to the left, was one of the horses seized in this case. She is doing much better as you can see from her photo. You can see from the photos of her back (photo 1) and her hips (photo 2), her incoming condition was severe. Below are a few of the additional intake photos of these horses. Click on the image to see the larger image. Sponsors are appreciated to assist in the rehabilitation of these horses.

Intake - Anoka County Horse Pinto Intake - Anoka County
Body Condition was Severe Another Example of Condition
Intake - Anoka County Horse Example of Hoof Condition

Please call 763-856-3119 if you would like to become a sponsor. More information will be coming soon to the website regarding these wonderful horses.

Assistance for Elderly With Pets

We wanted to share information we were given with regard to organizations who will assist the elderly keep and care for their pets if they have come upon financial hardship. Please view the attached Adobe PDF listing of resources, and feel free to share this information with others who may find it helpful.

EHV-1 Information

Here is the most recent information we have received regarding the recent outbreaks of EHM.

Although the majority of Minnesota horses will be unaffected by this outbreak, sensible precautions dictate that horses that have aborted or show signs of fever in conjunction with respiratory or neurological disease be isolated from other horses and evaluated by a veterinarian. Vaccines for control of respiratory disease and abortion due to EHV-1 are available, and many Minnesota horses receive them as part of their spring vaccination regimen, but the ability of vaccines to control the neurological form of the disease is unclear. If you have specific questions regarding the implications of this outbreak for your horse, or whether additional vaccination is appropriate, we recommend that you contact your regular veterinarian.

We urge owners to avoid bringing sick or suspect horses to shows, clinics, trail rides, etc. If you have any doubts about your horses health, stay at home.

Please click here to download a PDF of the USDA EHV-1 informational brochure.

Sign Petition to Keep Undercover
Humane Investigations Legal in Minnesota

Two bills (Senate File 1118/House File 1369) have been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature that would ban undercover humane investigations. These bills would make it a crime to take video without an owner's consent in factory farms and puppy mills in Minnesota, as well as to possess and distribute the images.

We ask that you please review these bills and consider contacting the governor and your Minnesota State Senator and Representative and also signing an online petition found here to help stop this legislation, or others like it.

Pet Points from Coborn's

Have you been collecting Pet Points from Coborn's but you don't know what to do with them? Do you have no idea what "Pet Points" are? Do you want to help the MHARF even more? Then read on!

Coborn's has been a local grocery store in the upper Midwest for several decades, with the first one opening in 1921 in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. One of the promotional features at select Coborn's stores is "Pet Points". Pet Points are coupons given at Coborn's when you buy pet food. When you have enough points, you can convert the points into cash - 150 pet points = $10.00 that can be used for anything at Coborn's such as food for the animals in the care of MHARF or even gas for transporting horses to and from foster homes and veterinary clinics.

In addition to Coborn's stores, you can also drop your pet points off at Caseys General Store 810 N. Rum River Drive, Princeton MN 55371 (763)389-9923.

If you have extra Pet Points that you'd like to donate to MHARF, please visit these stores or contact us.

Information from the MN Horse Welfare Coalition

An excellent program dedicated to the education of new and seasoned horse owners, the MN Horse Welfare Coalition (MNHWC) has posted literature on the AHS website that we feel is required reading. There are documents on "Evaluating a Horse's Body", "Horse Hay Resources", and "Humane Options for Unwanted Horses". You can download and view these documents here (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Wyldfyre MISSING!

On December 9th, 2008, one of our horses presently in foster care in the Rush City / Rock Creek area - Wyldfyre - disappeared from the farm where she was fostered. We do not know if she strayed away, is lost, or has been stolen - but we certainly would like to have her back and safe! Wyldfyre, is an Arabian sorrel mare that stands about 14.2 hands. She has very little white, with the only spot being a small star on her forehead. She also has a scar on her hind leg, but given the fuzzy nature of horses right now, that might be hard to see. Here is a flyer (99KB PDF) you can download and post if you are in that area or are attending any horse auctions.

We are offering a reward to anyone providing information that leads to the safe return Wyldfyre. If you have information on her whereabouts, please contact the Rescue immediately at 763-856-3119.

An important article has been posted at TheHorse.com that we encourage everyone to read! (Free registration required to view.)

How to Manage Starved Horses and Effectively Work with Humane and Law Enforcement Officials - "The role of the veterinarian in the community is very important (in equine welfare cases)," said Julie Wilson, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, head of large animal medicine at the University of Minnesota's (UM) College of Veterinary Medicine during the 50th annual American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention. Read More...


MHARF has an urgent need for trainers and/or training centers to foster and work with horses for 60 days. Currently, we have more horses than our staff can work. If you can help, please contact Drew at (763) 856-3119. Remember, all foster care cost are tax deductible.


  • Never sell your horse at an auction nor to anyone whose background you haven't thoroughly checked.
  • Report suspected animal abuse to:
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    Golden Valley Minnesota 55422

    Minnesota Federated Humane Societies
    612-866-8663 or 1-877-8ANIMAL (1-877-826-4625)
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    Email: tshields@isd.net

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