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While it's true that we're primarily a "hooved" animal rescue, there comes a point where we cannot turn our backs on the non-hooved animals of our neighborhood and let's face it - we want to make sure that all animals can find a nice "Forever Home". So, we've created this page specifically for the other hooved and "not-so-hooved" animals that come into our care in hopes they can share in the same successes as their equine cousins.

If you are interested in adopting llamas or alpacas, please contact Jen Olson at 612-910-7757.


Please check back - Thank You!

Animals in rehab
(Not yet available for adoption)

Helen is a donkey jennet who was foaled in approximately 2005. She came to us with her young foal, Wait, in deserate need of farrier care and proper nutrition. She will need quite a bit of careful care and trimming before she will be sound again, so she will remain in rehab until she is healed. If you would like to donate to Helen's farrier fund,
please click here to donate now through Network for Good, or click here to donate now through Paypal. Helen truly appreciates your support and kindness!

This adorable little donkey colt is Wait, who came in with his mother, Helen. Both were seriously malnourished. He is recovering nicely and will be availabel for adoption once he is weaned.


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