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Are you tired of sitting around the house with nothing to do? Has your social calendar dried up like a raincloud in the desert? Is there some chore that you really want to avoid and you're trying to come up with an excuse to put it off for another day?

Well then... May we suggest attending a MHARF event?

Throughout the year, we will be involved in various events - some of which we sponsor, with others being charitable organizations holding fundraisers in our honor, and yet others being expos or clinics designed to help raise awareness about horses and their welfare.

The event list (in chronological order) is updated somewhat regularly, so check back every-so-often to see if there's something that might interest you!

Save the Date!
2015 Trainers Challenge
September 19, 2015 - U of MN Leatherdale Equine Center

We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Trainers Challenge! Please click here to download the PDF application.

New this year we have a significant monetary cash prize - The Mitch Carson Memorial Good Horsemanship Good Sportsmanship Award! This prize will be awarded to to the trainer that participates in the manner that Mitch had always competed in. Reaching out and supporting other trainers, engaging the public, and fully participating in the Trainers Challenge.

Keep an eye on the Horses page of the website for the horses that are being selected as candidates for this year's Challenge.



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