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Artwork By Gayle Adams

Gayle Adams is a contemporary artist whose artistic interests range from horses and wildlife, to still life and scenic vistas. She works with many forms of media ranging from pencil drawings, ink, pastel, watercolors, acrylic, to a mixture of different media. In addition to working on stretched canvas, canvas board, drawing paper and watercolor paper, she stretches out into "feather painting" where the images use a bird's feather (or a collection thereof) as the canvas.

Gayle has been kind enough to offer a generous 20% donation to the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue from the sales of all prints and artwork sold through her website. This also includes any artwork by Morgan Adams, as well as any of the seat saver cusions. To ensure that your purchase benefits the the Rescue, please follow this link to Gayle's website. Going directly to her website through a separate browser window or a saved favorite will not register a cookie properly and the Rescue will not receive the donation.

When you follow these links, your browser will be given a "cookie" that tells Gayle's webserver that you came from the MHARF website. Then, when you find a painting or piece of art that you would like to purchase, clicking the "Buy Now" buttons on the page will add "with 20% of the item price to be contributed to Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation" to the description of the item being purchased.

Below is a very small sampling of the fine artwork that Gayle creates. To see more, you can click on any of the images below, in addition to clicking on the links to www.bygayle.com anywhere on the MHARF website.

Appy Blue Eyes
Feather Bay Round Palamino Light
All images copyright © Gayle Adams - Used with permission.

Again, all artwork on Gayle's website qualifies for the donation to the Rescue - from prints to seat-saver cushions. Also, in order to ensure that your purchase benefits the the Rescue, please follow the links on the MHARF site to Gayle's website to ensure you receive the correct "cookie". Using any other means to visit her website (such as through a saved link or through seach in Google) will not guarantee a donation to the Rescue.

Be sure to thank Gayle for her generous offer when you visit her site!


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