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A Non-Profit Organization PO Box 47 Zimmerman, MN 55398 (763) 856-3119
Educator: Help with educational programs given by MHARF. Includes speaking to volunteers, clubs, schools, horsemen's associations, law enforcement, etc.

Fundraiser: Help at fundraising events, request corporate and private donations.

Barn Check Technician: Follow up on adopted equines, check on potential adopters or foster homes.

Barn Check Coordinator: Keeps track of adopted and fostered horses, schedules and trains barn check volunteers to do barn checks.

Handler/Trainer Coordinator: Train and schedule Handlers/Trainers. Evaluate new horses and oversee their training/exercising. Keep records of riding equipment and request new equipment.

Fundraising Coordinator:Create and implement fundraising plans, train and schedule volunteers. Work with board to set fundraising goals.

Marketing and Public Relations: Promote MHARF by erecting and tending booths, create, update and distribute brochures and flyers, maintain web page, and write newsletter.

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator: Train and schedule marketing volunteers, assign duties, develop target lists for distribution.

Requisition Tech:Get donations of supplies from businesses and individuals, negotiate best possible price if donation is not an option, and distribute supplies where they are needed.

Requisition Coordinator: Train and schedule Requisition volunteers, take requests for supplies from other Coordinators, maintain records of donations, coordinate distribution of supplies and forward donors names to Office Coordinator.


Wide white fencing tape

T-Post toppers



Glucosamine/Condroiton Supplements

Colflex or Vet wrap

Gamgee cotton bandages


Absorbine Ultra Shield (black bottle)





Quality grass or alfalfa grass

Bagged shavings for bedding

Plastic pitchforks

Purina Equine Jr.


Need to upgrade wiring in all building and upgrade service amp.


Need volunteers to finish the outside painting.

Fencing projects always underway along with brush cutting and general grounds maintenance.

Carpenters are always welcome!

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