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UPDATED November 24, 2015

(Please be patient - there's a lot of images)


If you see an animal on our website that catches your interest, call the shelter and set up an appointment to see the animal in person and to get more information on that animal's current status. Adoption fees are not posted as they can change during the time the animal is being evaluated.

Prospective adopters should complete the Adoption Application (click here) and a farm inspection is set up so that we can check out the place where the adopted animal will be kept. Please follow the link below to review the guidelines that will help get you qualified for adoption.


Upon qualifying, an Adoption Contract is signed by both parties. This contract is a co-ownership that lasts for the life of the animal. An animal adopted from MHARF cannot be sold, traded, or given away. If for any reason the adopted animal is not wanted, at any time, the animal must be returned to MHARF. We do not adopt out stallions and it is usually a policy that mares are adopted with a no breeding clause in their adoption agreement. Furthermore, only under very special circumstances does the Rescue adopt out an animal outside the five-state area - that is, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

We also have need of foster homes for the animals in our care. If you are interested in fostering, please complete the Foster Application (click here) and click the following link to read the guidelines.


To contact the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue, you can do so via e-mail at info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org or by phone at 763-856-3119. The best time to call is between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. We cannot return long distance calls, so if calling long distance please call back. Please remember that appointments are necessary as there are many, many animals to be taken care of and we must plan/schedule our time to get everything done each and every day.

Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab
Animals Available for Adoption | Animals in Rehab



November, 2015 - Norman, Emma, Winds of Lakota, Brutus

October, 2015 - Jagger, Mick, Sangria, Nokota the donkey, Libery, Ian, Ona Winner, Misfit, Panama Jack

September, 2015 - Nike, Esme, Dozer, Scout, Blackberry, Bug, Spirit, Ming, Olivia, Edgar, Houston, Phillip, Wait

August, 2015 - Ollie Outsandfreeo, Fiona, Patsy

July, 2015 - SCR Ramblan Go Boy (aka Comanche), Diego

June, 2015 - Fareed, Keno, Panama Jack, Raven, Amari, Rose (Sicilian donkey), Nubbin', Lahab

May, 2015 - Ahzi, Zafir, Medora Miss Medora, Blaze, Nana

April, 2015 - Full of Spice, Thorn

March, 2015 - McKayla, Buena, Christa, Sheba, Lester

February, 2015 - Bill, Three Card Monte

January, 2015 - BJ Angel, Penny Candy

December, 2014 - Fletcher, Earl, Pearl, Levi, Monroe, Blackbird

November, 2014 - Polka Dot, Joe, Thor, Rake, Baby Girl


Check the sections below for more information on these recent arrivals at the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue. Horses are broken into two sections - "Available for Adoption" and "In Rehab" so be sure to check both sections.

New horses/donkeys added: November 15, 2015
- bay gelding

New other animals (see "Animals" page) added: November 15, 2015

Updates to existing horses/donkeys made: November 15, 2015
Sally's Omage - pinto mare


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Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab

Aashiloh is a 2001 bay gelding who stands approximately 15.3hh. He is registered half-Arab with the IAHA. (He is out of AHR registered MS Shahlana and by IAHA registered MP Allabar.) We were told he was broke to ride but had not been handled or ridden for quite awhile at intake. He is currently back in training with Leanna Giles and working on the basics. He is currently doing walk/trot under saddle. He loves to be bathed, stands well for fly spray, saddling, and mounting. He does not over-react to new things and becomes accustomed very quickly.

Andre 3000ANDRE 3000
A Paint gelding that stands about 14 hands high, Andre "3K" is sorrel with slight spots on one side and a bald face. We're putting his birthday somewhere in 2000, and despite a body score at a pathetic "2" when he came to us from the Todd County case, he's gained weight nicely to where he's a nice looking horse. Considering what's been through, he's a very friendly and attentive horse and is always at the gate looking for attention. He spent the last winter in foster care and it's been determined that Andre either has had training in the past, or will be a very quick student in that he takes everything in stride. He's a very gentle and good-looking boy.

Graduate of the 2015 Trainers Challenge
Blackberry is a 2005 14.2hh black stock-type mare who came to MHARF during a 2013 Crow Wing County humane case. She successfully competed in the 2015 Trainers' Challenge (taking 2nd in our Trail/Obstacle class and wining 6th Overall Highpoint!). Blackberry is a fearless trail horse. However, she is very smart and has a mind of her own--so will try to get her own way at times. She requires an intermediate rider. She is currently in training at Truhaven Ranch. To see many more pics of Blackberry on the trails and traversing obstacles please visit her facebook page by clicking here.

Named in the same fashion as her mother, Wyldfyre, Bonfyre is a mare that was foaled in 2008 (see her young photo here) while her mother was at the Rescue. Bonfyre had an unfortunate accident that broke her olecranon (point of the elbow). She's was placed in the capable care of the veterinarians at the U of M who fitted her with a plate so that she was able to grow up big and strong (surgery photo 1 and photo 2 here). Because of the plate, Bonfyre will be unable to participate in high-impact sports like jumping and cross-country, but she can be a great riding horse. As you can see she has grown into a beautiful young lady!

Also, this is a great example of why it's so important to halter-break your young horse as soon as possible. Even though she was in considerable pain from the break, she was an angel to work with thanks to her halter training.

Celeste is a 1997 gray Arabian mare who stands 14.3hh. She has a fantastic temperament and is very friendly. She was extremely thin at intake in January 2015. She has now gained quite a bit of weight back and is enjoying the grass at her foster home! We have not yet done a training assessment on her but are hoping to soon.

Chief (DDC Nado) is a registered appaloosa gelding who was foaled on 2008 and stands 15.1hh. He is a nice gelding and is green broke to ride.

Chutney CHUTNEY - Truhaven Ranch
Graduate of the 2015 Trainers Challenge
Chutney is a 1999 15hh registered Quarter Horse. He did have some ground work done when he was youngster, but was never started under saddle. He has spent most of his life as a "pasture pony". He is a kind horse, but is a little wary of people since he has not had a lot of recent handling. He is an easy keeper and needs some work to keep him in shape. We would love him to lead a productive life with someone who loves to ride him. Chutney is one of the 3 horses from the rescue program at Truhaven Ranch to be entered in the Trainers' Challenge. If you are interested in Chutney, please contact Candy at phillips1020@yahoo.com or (320)224-5454 for information on pre-qualifying to bid on him in the silent auction during the Challenge on September 19th.

Foaled in 2006, Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very nice chestnut mare who gave birth to a beautiful filly, Penny Lane, on July 20, 2011. Abbey is a registered American Saddlebred mare, who is athletically built and has very pretty ears. Daybreaks Abbey Road is a very pretty dark liver chestnut and came to us from a Pine County humane case. She is very friendly and extremely interested in people. Abbey will be going back into training in Spring of 2015.

This beautiful filly was born early in the morning on the first day of spring of 2015. Her mother is Triska, a paint cross mare, but we don't know who her sire was. She is a big sturdy filly for her age. She is a very friendly and energetic girl. Eclipse absolutely loves attention and is very cooperative. She has just been weaned and is now available for adoption.

Eddy is a black/bay off the track thoroughbred gelding (racing name Judges Shoes) who was foaled in1998 and stands 16.3hh. Eddy was only raced twice as a 2 year old and was found to be much too laid back for that career. He started his reschooling in 2004 and was used as a jumper. Eddy had not been ridden in approximately 8 years but was very good for a recent assessment. He is very responsive to leg cues. Eddy has had good care throughout his life. He comes to us from a caring owner who can no longer keep him.

Graduate of the 2010 Trainers Challenge
Fareed is a beautiful15hh 2007 bay Arabian gelding who successfully competed in the 2010 MHARF Trainers' Challenge. This very nice gelding has a wonderful temperament and is broke to ride (suitable for an advanced rider).

Georgia is a 2010 sorrel mini mare who stands 36". Georgia came in with her best friend Pearl (who was originally adopted as a companion for Georgia but now needs to be returned because the adopter can no longer keep her) and we would love to have them be adopted together because they are quite attached to each other. She is gentle and good with kids. Georgia will carry a child on her back when led. She has been la mini tic in the past so she absolutely needs to be kept on a dry lot and fed an appropriate amount of grass hay.

Gus is a standard gelded jack foaled in about 2002 who stands 12.1 hands. He is very well behaved and loves his butt scratched. He is very playful and loves to play tricks on his human friends. He has possible Poitou genes with his longer hair coat. He does have the cross mark on his back and could not be registered half Poitou.
For more info on Gus please contact Jean at (651) 261-3428 or vbengston@aol.com

Hans is a chestnut National Show Horse (Arab x Saddlebred) gelding who was foaled in November of 2011. He stands approximately 15.2 hands and may have some growing to do yet. He has not been started yet but has nice manners and is sweet and friendly. He has potential for show, distance, eventing - you name it. Hans recently cleared a 6' gate at the farm from a stand still, so we are hoping an eventing career may be in his future! Hans has been with us since he was a baby and he would LOVE to have attention from his very own person!

Helen is a donkey jennet who was foaled in approximately 2005. She came to us with her young foal, Wait, in desperate need of farrier care and proper nutrition. She has put on weight and she has regained soundness due to careful care and hoof trimming. She will need this to continue in order to remain sound. This lovely girl is now available for adoption to the right home. If you would like to donate to Helen's farrier fund,
please click here to donate now through Network for Good, or click here to donate now through Paypal. Helen truly appreciates your support and kindness!

Honey is a red dun quarter horse type mare who was foaled around 1997. Due to complete lack of dental care throughout her life, Honey has very little chewing surface left in her mouth. She is considered a "special needs" horse as she will require a specialized diet for senior horses to keep her at a healthy weight. Otherwise she is completely sound and healthy. She is a super sweet mare. We have not done a training assessment on her yet but we were told that she is very well broke. An assessment will be done soon.

Graduate of the 2013 Trainer's Challenge
This handsome 2009 blue roan QH gelding originally came from an ASPCA humane case in the southern part of the country. He competed in the 2013 Trainers' Challenge and was adopted. His adopter can no longer keep him so he has come back to us. He is broke to ride but we are sending him to a trainer for an assessment/refresher.

Ivan is a bay POA cross colt who was born in mid-May of 2014. His dam, Sochi, is a 12.3 hands POA (appaloosa x Shetland) from the 02/2014 Wadena County humane case. Ivan is a very curious and friendly colt who is quite athletic. He is learning about haltering, leading, picking up his feet, and all of the other things a colt needs to know to be a good citizen. Even though we don't know who Ivan's sire is, due to his conformation, size, and athleticism we are guessing he may have been a quarter horse, meaning Ivan may mature around 14 hands or taller. This extremely handsome and well-built colt is now ready to find his forever home since he has now been weaned.


JoJo is a beautiful black mustang mare who was foaled in 2011. She stands approximately 14.1hh and is a solidly built mare. JoJo (trained by Aubreanne Dockter) was the 2014 Trainers' Challenge Reserve Champion! An advanced or intermediate rider is recommended, as JoJo (like most mustangs) is extremely smart and may take advantage of a timid or less experienced handler or rider. However, as she showed us at last years' Challenge, she can be a very nice horse for the right person who has the right amount of experience.

Diamond in the Rough Challenge Graduate
Katya came to us from the February 2014 Wadena County humane case. She was foaled in 04/2013 and she already stands 12.3 hands. We expect she will mature around 14 hands. She is sweet girl who recently competed in the 2014 Diamond in the Rough Challenge. Having spent this past summer with a trainer she has had a lot of ground work and has learned all about obstacles, saddles, and many other things a pony needs to know!

Graduate of the 2014 Trainer's Challenge
Ki is a black 2005 Missouri Foxtrotter mare who came to MHARF in a 2013 humane case. She is a very nice mare who successfully completed our 2014 Trainers' Challenge. She has had plenty of ground work, is broke to ride, and has trail experience. Ki is a gaited mare and is very energetic. She loves to move off down the trail. Suited to an advanced rider, an experienced youth or smaller adult. She has a slim build and is a high energy horse so does need supplemental grain.

Graduate of the 2015 Trainers Challenge
Kipling is a flashy blue-eyed black paint cross gelding who stands 15hh and was foaled in approximately 2010. He came to MHARF from a 2015 Benton County humane case. What handling he had in the past was apparently not very plentiful and not very kind. He is nervous about new things but he is also a friendly and curious horse so we have high hopes for him. He successfully participated in-hand in the 2015 Trainers' Challenge of the Unwanted Horse but is not yet started under saddle. Because of his past, his trainers chose to take everything very slowly for him--which is exactly what he needs. Click here to see a photo of him navigating the trail course. He remains in training and is available for adoption.

Marin is a beautiful bay medium-pony-size hackney pony mare who came to us from the "Fillmore 55" humane case. She was foaled in approximately 2001. Marin is broke to drive and has that great snappy hackney pony trot as you can see from her photo. Marin would not be suitable for children at this point as she has a lot of "go" and was not handled as much or as kindly as she should have been in the past. For another lovely photo of Marin standing in harness, please click here.

Graduate of the 2012 Trainer's Challenge
Maryea is a 15.2hh 1997 registered Lipizzan mare. She is a sweet, quiet mare who is broke to ride. She competed successfully in our 2012 Trainers' Challenge. Maryea had developed a slight lameness issue and recently had a full lameness evaluation done. A flexion test showed very slight lameness in her right hind but she moved out fine at the trot and showed no signs of an issue. She will benefit from a glucosamine supplement and regular farrier care. She should have no problem being a great trail horse (she is a very calm and laid back) but should not be asked to be a performance horse. When you are riding down the trail and someone asks, "What kind of horse is that?" Do you want to answer, "A Lipizzan!"? If so, Maryea may be the horse for you!.

Meddy is a 15hh black and white pinto mare foaled around 2007. Meddy came in from law enforcement as an unclaimed astray. She was covered with burdock and slightly underweight. She is currently undergoing training assessment and we will have more info on her as soon as possible.

Millie is a chestnut Quarter Pony mare that stands 14.1 hands. We will have more information about her, and a photo coming soon.

Mork (racing name Lite BC) is a bay off the track thoroughbred gelding who was foaled in 1996 and stands 16.3hh. He stared his reschooling in 2002 and was ridden in both English and western saddles. He does not have any trail experience. Mork had not been ridden in approximately 8 years. He was good for a recent assessment but is rusty and needs a rider with experience. Mork has had good care throughout his life. He comes to us from a caring owner who can no longer keep him.

Mrs. AttenburroMRS. ATTENBURRO
Mrs. Attenburro is a lovely standard donkey foaled in about 2001 who stands 12 hands. She is well mannered and respectful. Loves getting attention.
For more info on Mrs. Attenburro please contact Jean at (651) 261-3428 or vbengston@aol.com

Odin is a sweet black yearling pony gelding foaled in 2014. His mother, Odessa, was taken in by Truhaven Ranch after she came in from the Wadena County humane case in 02/14. He was foaled there and has now come back to MHARF and is hoping to find his forever home. We don't know who is sire is but we expect him to mature to large pony size (13-14hh).

Graduate of the 2015 Trainers Challenge
Payton is a registered Saddlebred gelding who was foaled in 2008. He is a beautiful dark chestnut and stands approximately 16.3hh. Payton was on schedule to compete in the 2015 Trainers' Challenge but a minor injury a few days prior to the event kept him from competing. The injury was minor and did not cause any lameness. He is expected to make a full recovery. Payton will go back into training with Sasha and Derek Kohlhase when he has recovered. He currently does walk/trot/canter under saddle and requires an experienced rider who is familiar with the Saddlebred breed.

Pearl is an appaloosa mini mare who has been in the MHARF program for several years. She was recently adopted but needed to be returned because her adopter could no longer keep her. We are taking her best friend Georgia in as well because they don't want to be separated-so we would love to see them find a home together! Pearl is 2005 mare who stands approximately 34". Pearl is not broke to ride but she has a very quiet disposition and is great with kids. She and Georgia love to go for walks together. She has been laminitic in the past so she absolutely needs to be kept on a dry lot and be fed an appropriate amount of grass hay.

Meet Pickles, a stock-type mare foaled in 2010. She's a pretty little girl, standing approximately 14 hands. We will have more information about her soon!

Piper is a dark bay percheron/throughbred cross mare who stands 15.1hh and was foaled in 2010. Piper originally came to MHARF in 2011. She was adopted but her adopter could not keep her so she is now looking for a new partner! This mare has a nice foundation and had been started in dressage and jumping. Click here to see a photo of her under saddle. Although she is a calm and gentle horse, she can be pushy and try to take advantage of a rider. She does require an intermediate rider. She is currently in training at Wrisky Ranch in Prescott, WI, where they are working on getting her less heavy on the aids and more forward (we hear she can be a little lazy). She has very nice ground manners as well.

Millie POCO
Poco originally came into MHARF during a 2013 Crow Wing County humane case (then called "Rastus"). He was adopted but has now been returned. He is a very sweet and friendly 2012 14hh (and growing) dun gelding of undetermined breeding (stock horse type). He has wonderful ground manners but has not yet been started under saddle. Poco's right eye is sightless but this does not seem to be an issue for him. Picture coming soon!

Graduate of the 2013 Trainer's Challenge
Ramona is sweet black mustang mare (originally from the Tower, MN, humane case). Even though she participated in the 2013 Trainers' Challenge, we consider her extremely green under saddle as she had only been backed a few times. She has had a lot of ground work and has wonderful manners. She has been used as a companion horse for the past 2 years and has now been returned. She would love to find an adoptive home either as a companion horse (she is a very easy keeper and easy to have around) or with someone who will start up her training again.

Meet Rikki, a dark bay Hackney pony gelding who stands 11.2 hands. Rikki, foaled in approximately 2008, came to us from the 2012 Fillmore County humane case. Rikki is started under saddle but like many hackney ponies, he is on the hot side so not suitable for beginners/kids. Rikki is working hard in his foster home to get over his trust issues and is doing very well.

Rio - Mighty Clu CountryRIO
Rio's registered name is "Mighty Clu Country" but we don't have his papers. He is a 1993 15.3hh quarter horse gelding. Apparently he has a lot of experience as an English and western pleasure horse. To see his photo upon intake please click here.

This 2011 standard molly mule is Rosebud. She is a very nice young mule who originally came to us in a 2012 humane case. She has no training beyond the basics on the ground.

Graduate of the 2015 Trainers Challenge
We call this beautiful 2010 pinto Saddlebred mare Sally-O. She originally came to MHARF as one of the orphaned foals in the 2010 Pine County humane case. She was adopted but has been returned because her owner could not keep her. She was in training for our 2015 Trainers' Challenge but did not compete. She is an extremely sweet and friendly mare who is green broke under saddle.

Serena is a wonderful sorrel mare, foaled in 2009, with lots of chrome! She has a white strip on her face, 2 high white behind, and 2 ankle white on her front legs. She stands approximately 13 hands and has a very sweet temperament and lovely forward floating trot. We believe she would make a beautiful driving pony or dressage pony. For more information about Serena, or to meet her in person, please contact Candy at (320)224-5454 or via e-mail at phillips1020@yahoo.com.

This weanling filly came in during February 2015 central Minnesota humane case. Her mother is a miniature mare (36") and her sire is unknown. She is already much larger than her mother, so we expect she will mature around medium-pony sized. She can still be a tiny bit stand-offish because she was not handled much as a foal, but she is curious and shows signs of being very friendly so she should come around very quickly.

Sugar is a 1998 15hh quarter horse mare. She is navicular and needs diligent hoof care due to past neglect. She does not need shoes as she is doing well without them now that she has a good farrier. She is sound for light walk/trot riding and could be a good horse for kids or lighter weight beginners. She is a very sweet mare and was once used as a lesson horse years ago.

Diamond in the Rough Challenge Competitor
Tater Chip is a very handsome 2004 12hh bay pinto pony gelding. He spent the summer in training and competed in the Diamond in the Rough Challenge. He has had a lot of ground work, is broke to drive and is doing very well. He does need a handler who is experienced in driving. His trainer says he could be a major competitor in either carriage driving events or open pleasure driving.

This pretty paint cross mare is Triska. She was foaled around 2009 and stands 14.3hh. She was pregnant at intake and foaled early on the first morning of spring! (See info for her filly, Eclipse). Triska had been handled very little before intake and is nervous about new things-- but she is friendly and curious. She is still rather head-shy and does need someone who can work with her on trust issues and on ground manners. Her filly has now been weaned and both of them are available for adoption.

Millie WIKI
Wiki is a 2012, 15hh bay Morgan/Paint cross gelding. Wiki has 4 white socks and one partial blue eye. He is a very friendly gelding with good ground manners. He has not yet been started under saddle. Picture coming soon!

Horses in rehab
(Not yet available for adoption)

The horses presented in this section have either recently arrived and are waiting for an examination, or have a medical condition that prevents them from being immediately available for adoption. In the case of the latter, there are often excessive medical bills that need to be paid. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, these horses can continue to receive care. Unfortunately, there are usually more horses than there are sponsors.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor one or more horses at the Hooved Animal Rescue, please review the information needed on this form and send an e-mail to info@mnhoovedanimalrescue.org or contact MHARF at (763) 856-3119.

We're always trying to think of new ways sponsorship can benefit the sponsors as well as the horses, so the sponsorship program is currently being re-vamped and tweaked. All sponsors will be sent letters and photos of "their horses" that they can show of to their friends and co-workers.

Horses Available for Adoption | Horses in Rehab

Dudley was foaled in 2001, and is a 15.3hh bay appendix quarter horse gelding (registered name North Sea Dancer). We were called out to a farm to pick up Dudley and the mare who was his pasture mate. The mare was unfortunately suffering from chronic medical and lameness issues that were beyond treatment. She was down and suffering so we elected to humanely euthanize her on the property (thank you to Dr. Frederickson of Sunrise Equine Veterinary Services for meeting us out there... and giving this mare immediate relief from her pain and suffering). We want to thank the owner of these horses for doing the right thing in calling us and surrendering them to us. She had recently received the horses after the original owner passed away and, not being a horse owner previously, did not have the knowledge or ability to care for them. Dudley has had little handling (he is under sedation in the pics) and will be going to a trainer to gain trust and basic ground manners (and drop some of his extra weight) before being made available for adoption.






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