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Todd County Seizure

UPDATED June 14, 2008

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In what is likely by now "old news", a half-dozen starving horses were rescued from a farm in Todd county. There were initially nine horses that were rescued, but three had to be put down for humane reasons. And if this wasn't bad enough, the bodies of nearly 20 horses were found decaying on the property. In addition, here is the story that was written by Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune.

Words like "horrible" and "gruesome" simply can't do justice when describing the scene at a farm in Todd County. It was like the horses just laid down to sleep and never woke up. Mares, too exhausted to sustain their own health and the health of their foal, could do nothing but lay down and die. The foals, unable to comprehend why their mother couldn't wake up, laid down next to her and quietly went to sleep. The lush, green grass and flowers surrounding their bodies was a surreal contrast to the death and decay.

The six horses that were ultimately spared this fate - Andre 3000, Conan, Falina, Gemini, Jute, and Misha - will be a testament to the legacy of the horses that passed before them. They will be the ones that show the world that human compassion has not died as well. They will be proof that mankind has not turned a blind eye from the suffering of the creatures that share this planet. We realize that we simply cannot save all of them - but we can do our best to give those that remain comfort and a good life.

The Todd County Horses




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