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2012 Trainer's Challenge of the Unwanted Horse

The Challenge | The Trainers and Students | Event Information

Photo Gallery

As with prior years, we were once again inspired by the support shown to the 2013 Trainers and their Equine Students. It never ceases to amaze us just how many wonderful people turn out for this event each year. The weather cooperated with dry and comfortable conditions. If you missed this year's event - don't worry, you can catch it all again next year, and through our photo gallery which will be up soon!

And, in no particular order, we'd like to thank:

  1. The trainers (once again) for the wonderful job they did with their students, for taking time out of their busy schedules to provide updates on their progress, and for the care and concern they demonstrated with their students in their training and the strange (and new) environment of the Leatherdale Center.
  2. The University of Minnesota for providing the Leatherdale Center as a venue for the event for the sixth year in a row.
  3. Our amazing judges - Judy Jensen, Bob, Johnson, and our special guest Ken McNabb - all of which even helped clean up after the event - THANK YOU!
  4. Everyone who came to watch and cheer on their favorite trainers and horses.
  5. Everyone who followed us and the trainers on Facebook, the blogs, and our website, and told their friends to do the same.
  6. Everyone who came bearing generous donations for the local Food Shelf - it took several people to lift the barrels filled with food into the trailer!.
  7. All the MHARF volunteers for their efforts in promoting the event and their help in setting up before and tearing down things after the event.
  8. The announcer and score tally team who are an integral part of this event.
  9. Our Champion and Reserve Champoin sponsors - Blattner Energy & The Cinch Chix
  10. The class and event sponsors who helped support the event and the classes.
  11. The farrier and veterinarian, who performed their duties in record time - without them we wouldn't have much of a Farrier/Vet class.
  12. Jr.'s No. 19 BBQ, the caterer, for the wonderful food and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
  13. Anyone who we may have forgotten to formally thank in this list.
  14. And, of course, the horses who showed us all that it matters not the struggles life throws your way, if you put your heart into something you can become a champion.


What is the Challenge, you ask? Well, we're glad you asked!

Everyone wants to have that horse that can do "everything", which is understandable. We all have day jobs, and there are bills to pay, people to see, and things to do. So when it comes to the horse, wouldn't it be nice to just jump on and go? Well, because of this attitude (and it's a fair one), we oftentimes overlook the horse with limited or no training. We don't have the "eye" to see a diamond in the rough, or we've got too much going on.

Training a horse is a lifetime commitment, even after giving it a good start. You want your horse to be rock-solid when a jogger in blaze orange comes around the corner. You want your horse to stand stock-still when the farrier is working on their feet. You want to ride with the confidence that your horse is not going to explode into a panic the next time you try to trailer them or ride in a busy arena or walk past the dreaded "Horse-Eating Mailbox".

Our goal for this challenge is to show you the diamond in the rough; that while training is an important part, it's about the time you put into a horse that also matters.

To this end, we're inviting trainers from across Minnesota and the neighboring states to step up and show everyone what they can do with the horse that is "Unwanted."

For everyone following along at home, once we have the trainers selected we will have a list of horses and trainers on our website and a blog set up for each specific trainer and student. Finally, we have some information that you, the kind public, might want to know about the upcoming event and hope that you can spread the word about our little challenge.


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